Just A Tid Bit….

Welcome to our blog!! We are going to take this chance to tell you a little about the Pismo Beach Golf Course Weddings & Events.

The Golf Course has been doing weddings since 2007. We started as a big piece of grass with enough tables and chairs for 150 guests. Our very first bride loved how beautiful the surrounding area was, so there was nothing to stop her from renting a piece of grass next to the ocean to marry her soul mate! She talked about renting a tent for her wedding, and that’s when we decided to make the leap ourselves, and purchase our 225 guest tent. Since the purchase of our tent there has been over 150 weddings & events hosted inside. The entire floor is cemented and painted a neutral color, so wet weather is never an issue.

MTV has hosted a “Sweet 16” episode, complete with rock climbing wall, security, and of course “the teen drama”. High schools have hosted their proms & reunions. Anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers, golf tournaments–just to name a few. In the 5 years I, Colleen, have been doing weddings at the Pismo Beach Golf Course, weddings have definitely been my favorite. I love to make the connection with the bride & groom. Being able to be part of someone’s “best day of their life” is such a rewarding experience. We only work with the best vendors at the Pismo Beach Golf Course, and that makes the bride & groom’s experience, as well as mine, a day to remember. We cannot wait for our 2013 wedding season!